About Us

Summer Hill BG LLC is a multi-faceted product development and product marketing company specializing in building a global sales portfolio for rising brands.
We bring over 50 years of combined sales, marketing, brand development, advertising and distribution experience to all of our brands, Located in the hottest city in America — Atlanta, Georgia — we know consumer trends and have worked with:

  • Brand Development
  • Product and Brand Management
  • Marketing Campaign Development
  • Target Marketing Strategies
  • Product Distribution
  • Build and Manage Sales Teams
We help all types of companies increase their speed, creativity and agility.
What we do today is help solve the ever evolving needs of marketers and respond by developing solutions.
Create a truly integrated, campaign with solid account teams supported by specialists. Focus on the marketing tactics that most frequently need to work together to deliver bottom-line sales.
Stay current by looking down the road two years to stay ahead of the curve. Also, manage and supervise really smart, hard-working, talented people, who specialize in meeting any product demand, at any time.